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Nominating Committee

Mr Tan Poh Chye AllanChairman of the Nominating Committee

Mr Tham Chee SoonMember of the Nominating Committee

Mr Lo Kim SengMember of the Nominating Committee

Dr Danny Oh Beng TeckMember of the Nominating Committee

Our Nominating Committee is guided by the following guidelines/principles which determines its responsibilities:

  • Reviewing regularly the composition of the Board and Board committees taking into account of the size and independence requirements, amongst others;
  • Reviewing the Board’s succession plans for directors, in particular, the Chairman and the CEO;
  • Identifying, reviewing and recommending Board appointments for approval by the Board, taking into account the experience, expertise, knowledge and skills of the candidate and the needs of the Board;
  • Reviewing and recommending to the Board the appointment and re-appointment of directors having regard to their performance, commitment, skillset and ability to contribute to the Board;
  • Assessing annually the performance of the Board, the Board committees and the directors, and reviewing whether each director is independent in accordance with the Code; and
  • Determining the appropriate training and professional development programs for the Board.