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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture and Values

Integrity: Be honest to staff, clients, suppliers, colleagues, competitors and shareholders; Comply with various laws and regulations related to the business; Increase individual accountability and commit to work with highest standards of ethical conduct

Innovation: Be courageous to face challenges; Be proactive to take up challenging tasks and pursue solutions which are beneficial to improve the company’s reputation and efficiency

Commitment: Be committed to our accountability and honour our promises with highest ethical conduct. Unless authorised, staff will not make any promises on behalf of the company

Corporate Responsibility: Committed to improve the living standard, working environment and economy in regions and countries in which the company operates

Strive for Excellence: Strive for excellence and success in all matters, including serving the best product and service to clients, providing a safe working environment and reasonable remuneration to staff as well as creating the highest value for shareholders

Mobile Corporate Culture: Ecowise emphasises to give authority to top management while the project team will be the core of the organisation. A group of mobile and global talents will realise their potential through flexible functional platforms and continuous rotation of middle and senior management. These policies aim at developing a mobile corporate culture with change as its core. The change has enabled ecoWise to send out a clear message that the success of individuals and businesses stems from a timely and dynamic fit between resources and individual capabilities, which also heralds the launch of a new system for ecoWise’s management