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Renewable Energy

Design, build, manage and operate biomass co-gen and tri-gen power plants that that enhances energy sustainability.

ecoWise invests, develops and manages renewable energy projects that yields significant environmental, social and economical benefits to the local community where it operates. The Group is one of the earliest companies in Singapore to focus on biomass power plant development. In 2005, the Group’s first biomass co-generation power plant becomes fully operational while in 2011, under a DBO (Public Private Partnership) contract with Gardens by the Bay – Singapore, for a fifteen-year concession period, a second biomass tri-generation power plant becomes commercially ready for operation.

  • Energy Resource Centre @ Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

    • An environmental sustainability concept where horticultural and other wood wastes are utilised as biomass fuel to provide the required energy for daily operations
    • Tri-generation power plant which generates electrical power, heating (steam) and cooling services
    • The core of the biomass power plant is a highly efficient biomass furnace and boiler system
    • Electrical power – produced through a steam turbine generator. Electricity is supplied directly to Gardens by the Bay’s power grid
    • Heat energy – derived from the steam generated in the boiler system. Heat energy is used by Gardens by the Bay in the regeneration of the liquid desiccant where the latter is utilised to create a dry atmosphere mimicking a temperate climate in the conservatories. Heat energy is also used in the operation of absorption chillers
    • Cooling load – generated through 2 units of absorption chillers. Cooling load is generated for the purpose of plant cooling and conservatories cooling (on demand)
    • Sophisticated DCS process control system permits a lean O&M manpower requirement and ensures maximum operating efficiency
    • Flue gas post treatment systems, consisting of cyclones and electrostatic precipitators ensures 100% compliance to air pollution control standards set by local authorities
    • By-products such as fly ashes and bottom ashes are also repurposed as soil amendments as well as fertilizers
    • Factsheets
      • Biomass fuel: horticultural and wood waste (crushed)
      • Electrical power: 0.93 MW
      • Heating power (steam): 5.4 MW
      • Cooling load: 675 kW
      • Steam production capacity: 9.5 tons/hour
      • CO2 reduction: 13,280 tons/annum
      • Concession period: 15 years



  • Co-generation Biomass Power Plant @ Sungei Kadut, Singapore

    • First biomass co-generation power plant developed and managed by a wholly-owned subsidiary, Bee Joo Industries Pte Ltd
    • First project by a Singapore registered company to be registered as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project
    • First CDM project to establish an Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement where carbon credits generated from the projects are sold to Kansai Electric
    • Innovative use of electricity and heat energy for various applications:
      • Drying of agro and food waste to recycle as animal feed materials
      • Heating of iso-tankers containing chemical additives
      • Maintaining self-sufficiency in electricity requirement
      • Power plant is also equipped with biomass fuel sorting and crushing facilities for efficient fuel management
    • Factsheets
      • Biomass fuel: horticultural and wood waste (crushed)
      • Electrical power: 1 MW
      • Steam production capacity: 15 tons/hour