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2018 ecoWise Staff Safety Training


ecoWise cares the safety of our workplace and our employees. To enhance safety awareness and emergency readiness of our staff, Ecowise organised trainings on using fire extinguisher and regular fire drills in the workplaces in Sungei Kadut, Gardens by the Bay Tri-generation Power Plant, Sarimbun Recycling Park and Ecowise Rongyao Ecotech Park respectively during 18-24 October 2018. The training and fire drill aimed to ensure that the participants were familiar with the emergency response measures. 

Before the drill started, ecoWise EHS Manager briefed heads of department and members of the Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) about correct procedures of using fire extinguishers as well as evacuation procedures. After that, the drill began with simulated fire broken out in different workplaces. The CECRT team members then checked the affected areas, used the fire extinguishers and reported to SCDF if necessary. Meanwhile, the participating staff put down their work to evacuate through the nearest exits in an orderly manner, followed by roll calls performed by designated staff to ensure everyone was safe.