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Launch of ecoFeed into Singapore market

ecoWise Holdings Limited (the “Company”) wishes to announce that it had on 24 May 2021 launched its ecoFeed via various digital media channels including FaceBook, YouTube and Linkedin to promote the ecoFeed as part of its outreach program.

The current feed that are being used in the market in Singapore pollutes the water/sea where fish farming is conducted and in consideration of the environmental and food safety, the Company Deputy CEO and Executive Director, Mr Cao Shixuan (“Mr Cao”), has led the production and research and development team (“R&D Team”), through several years of hardwork successfully developed a solution to convert food waste to product ecoFeed.

The ecoFeed will be cheaper by almost 50% and will have higher nutritional and protein as compared to traditional feed. This will promote the health growth and development of the fishes, which translates to higher productivity of the fish farming, and not forgetting that it contributes to food safety and security too.

The Company is taking this product launch to give out 100 kg of the Feed free to the first 100 farmers for their own trial who register with us on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS.

The earlier press release can also be found on the Company’s website and its subsidiary, Sunrich Integrated Sdn Bhd, FaceBook, LinkedIn, YouTube and WeChat page.