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Suzhou's Mayor came to visit

Having heard of our effort towards eco-tourism in Singapore, Suzhou’s Mayor Mr Li Yaping brought his delegates to visit the biomass power plant on 10 October 2017 to see the potentiality of such project.

Guided by our very own ecoWise chairman Mr Lee Thiam Seng, the 16 delegates were given a presentation on how self-sustainable the plant is and how much carbon footprints it reduces. They were also given a tour around the plant to see the feasibility of this project. Despite the heat in the plant, the delegates had an eye-opening experience and were curious about many aspects of the plant.

At the end of the tour, there was a gift exchange ceremony between the mayor and Mr Lee in remembrance of this valuable visit.

The visit is also accompanied by some Singapore ministry officials.

Using the model, which shows the inner-workings of the plant, ecoWise Chairman Mr Lee Thiam Seng (right) explained how ecoWise tri-generation biomass power plant works to the Mayor of Suzhou Mr Li Yaping (left).
Mr Lee (middle) showed Mr Li Ya Ping (left) how the amount of electricity generated is monitored.
The tour ended with a gift exchange between Suzhou and ecoWise with a friendly handshake to mark the end of a valuable tour.